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Champions of the 2013 Ghost Wings Challenge Finals

The King of the Wing!

Chris Graber is once again our champ, with fellow veterans Pheng Yang finishing in second and Jeremy Beer in third. Chris and Pheng ended the competition one wing apart, finishing at 29 and 28 wings respectively.

The challenge started off with all five contestants evenly matched, fighting wing for wing in pursuit of the title. It wasn't long, however, before it was clear that the competition was between noted, long time Ghost Wing Championship rivals Chris and Pheng, as the other contestants had noticeably fallen behind the two man race for first. With a full restaurant aggressively cheering them on, it was anyone’s guess who would emerge victorious… 

Ultimately, after a lot of sweat, a little snot, and even a couple tears, the crowd was left dangling on the edge of their seats while it remained unclear who had won. The competition judge stepped in to inspect the wings and declared a victor by only a single wing…Chris Graber was crowned, yet again, to become our three time Ghost Wings Challenge Champion, finishing with 29 wings!! 

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Ghost Wings Challenge Rules

  1. Eat 10 ghost wings in 15 minutes.
  2. No other food or beverage may be consumed during this time. No bathroom breaks allowed.
  3. Wings must be completely eaten.
  4. Successful challengers will be awarded a Girvan Grille Ghost Wings Challenge tee shirt.
  5. Successful challengers will be pictured in our “Wall of Flame” album on Facebook!
  6. Minors must have parental permission.

WAIVER: I understand that Ghost Wings are extremely spicy hot. Good hot wings always burn twice. Girvan Grille is not responsible for next day discomfort. Girvan Grille is not responsible for all other wings tasting bland and lifeless after consuming our Ghost Wings.